Our practice is a small one that doesn't have alot of office staff hours! Despite this, we return every phone call. Always! If you call our office and leave a message, your call will be returned on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. If you are interested in our services and would like to schedule a time for one of our practice assistants Courtnee or Liz to call you, please use the contact form below. This  contact form is also a great way to contact us in general. 



4010 Dupont Circle, Suite 409
Louisville, KY 40207
United States

T: +1 502-409-4204
F: +1 502-409-4204


This contact information is intended for non-emergency contact only. In case of an emergency, existing clients of Groupworks should contact us at the above phone number. If we are unable to respond, clients should use other emergency resources such as a local Emergency Room or the Community Crisis Line (502-589-8070). E-mail should never be used for emergency situations.

Interested in our Services? Use this contact form to send us a question or comment. Privacy Notice: This contact form is not compliant with the Health Insurance Privacy & Portability Act (HIPPA). Use of this form does not establish a psychologist-patient relationship with Groupworks or any of its employees.

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