Zachary J. Thieneman, PsyD , CGP-Psychology is fascinating to me. It always has been. I began working in the field of psychology 10 years ago when I applied for a job working with children who have autism and related developmental disabilities. Ever since, my passion for psychology, in particular psychotherapy, flourished. I studied at Bellarmine University before completing my doctorate at Spalding University because of my fondness for Louisville and its psychology-friendly community.

During most of my undergraduate and the entirety of my graduate education, I continued to work with people who have intellectual and developmental disabilities through Home of the Innocents, FEAT of Louisville, and Homeplace Support Services. I developed leadership roles and branched out into community and professional presentations about evidence-based teaching, behavioral interventions, and autism.

During my graduate training at Spalding, I also branched out clinically. I worked with older children, teens, and young adults. I practiced a number of approaches to therapy including individual, family, couples, and group. I completed a practicum placement at Groupworks where I received specialized training in group therapy.  Completing my internship with the State University of New York at Albany Counseling and Psychological Services allowed me to integrate my skills through the aforementioned approaches and to gain experience in teaching, supervision of students, professional presentations, and professional consultation.

The bottom line from my education and over 10 years of clinical experience: therapy works. Not only does therapy work, but it works for all different kinds of people with all different kinds of problems. To this end, I specialize in several kinds of therapy for older children, teens, and young adults. Individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, and family therapy are all effective treatments which can improve lives.

As I stated previously, psychology is fascinating to me. Psychotherapy is my passion and I work hard to stay on the cutting edge of interventions for anybody who walks through my door. I love what I do. Iā€™m excited to join Groupworks and to support the practice goal of Bringing Psychology to Everyday Life!