Groupworks treats a number of behavioral health issues including depression, suicidal ideation and self-harm, anxiety and attention deficits. The Groupworks model of treatment is based upon experiential learning or “learning by doing”. Children and adolescents learn healthy relationship and coping skills by interacting with peers in the group. A group problem-solving approach is used to help group members navigate real-life situations that arise in their lives. Group members learn to solve problems more effectively and to build more supportive relationships in their daily lives. 

Group therapy focuses on helping members develop a strong sense of self-confidence, a feeling of self-control, and the ability to form healthy and supportive relationships. These three aspects of Social Competence are considered to be the foundation of a satisfying and rewarding life.

Kids and teens who possess good Social Competence are more likely to graduate high school on time, earn a college degree, and hold a full-time job. Social Competence involves cooperation, conflict resolution, listening to others’ points of view, giving suggestions and other skills.
— American Journal of Public Health

Kids Club for Elementary Students

Dr. Sheppard talks about ADHD in Group Therapy

The Kids Club group focuses on helping Elementary School boys and girls develop coping and social competence skills. Using our group slogan of “I’m an Awesome Kid and I can be a Success!”, we work together on self-control, self-esteem, and relationship skills. Group topics include anger control, managing worries, making bad days better, focusing and paying attention, and others. Kids Club offers a fun and engaging environment where kids can learn and grow together!

Currently, we have three Kids Club groups.

  • Kids Club for Older Elementary students (4th and 5th grade) is led by Dr. Sheppard & Kimberly Janiszewski, MA.

  • Kids Club for Younger Elementary students (1st through 3rd grades) is led by Dr. Thieneman & Kimberly Janszewski, MA.

  • Kids Club for Middle Elementary students (3rd & 4th grades) is led by Dr. Smith and Ashley McDuffee, MA.


Middle School Discovery Program

Dr. Zack Thieneman talks about the important role of group therapy in identity development

The Middle School Discovery group focuses on helping Middle School boys and girls develop better skills for coping and social competence. Navigating the space between childhood and adolescence can be tricky. Group offers a safe place to improve self-esteem, learn about healthy relationships, and develop self-control. The Middle School group blends topical discussions with social problem-solving in the group. This allows group members to talk about topics facing them while they also develop social competence.

Currently, we have two Middle School Discovery groups.

  • Middle School Discovery Monday Group is led by Dr. Sheppard &  Ashley McDuffee, MA.

  • Middle School Discovery Wednesday Group is led by Dr. Thieneman &  Kimberly Janiszewski, MA.


Teen Community Program

Dr. Sheppard talks about the Teen Community Groups

This group helps high school students dealing with depression, anxiety, and relationship challenges. Group members develop coping skills, confidence, and social competence through their interactions with each other and the group leaders. This group requires that teens are ready to accept help and willing to bring things into the group for advice and support.

Currently, we have three Teen Community Groups.

  • Teen Community Monday Group is led by Dr. Sheppard & Ashley McDuffee, MA.

  • Teen Community Tuesday Group is led by Dr. Sheppard & Kimberly Janiszewski, MA.

  • Teen Community Social Skills (Thursday Group I) Group is led by Dr. Thieneman & Kimberly Janiszewski, MA.

  • Teen Community Social Skills (Thursday Group II) Group is led by Dr. Thieneman & Carson Haynes, MA.

Teen Community Group for Teens with Autism


This group is offered specifically for teens on the Autism Spectrum. It focuses on teens with social and self-control challenges. Group members develop social competence, confidence, and coping skills through both structured activities and interactions with each other and the group leaders. This group is recommended for those with social struggles related to a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Members should be aware of their diagnosis and open to talking about it in the group setting.


This group is not currently meeting. If you are interested, please contact us.


Life Matters-Young Adult Group

The Life Matters group supports young adults ages 18-24 in adjusting to the changes that accompany this life stage. Group members are encouraged to share their challenges and successes in the group gaining support for  their emerging coping skills, self-confidence, and social competence. Group relationships often become templates for healthy relationships outside the therapy setting.

This group resumes in early October 2019 and will run through mid-December 2019! Use the Ask a Question button to the right to get more information or to sign up!!

Life Matters is Co-Led by Dr. Sheppard & Ashley McDuffee, MA.