Tony L. Sheppard, PsyD, CGP, FAGPA-  

While attending graduate school at Spalding University, I developed a true passion for my chosen field. During my internship with Quinco Behavioral Health Systems (now Centerstone of Indiana), I became involved with group therapy and the American Group Psychotherapy Association.  Once I experienced the power of group therapy to change people's lives, I've been dedicated to bringing group to the Louisville area. 

My training at Spalding also taught me the value of psychological testing. Similar to the tests that medical doctors run, psychological tests can help with diagnosing and treating a variety of problems. My dissertation research was conducted in the area of psychological testing, and it remains a very large part of my practice today. Quality psychological testing can illuminate the path toward recovery!

Despite my passion for group therapy, I value individual and family therapy equally. Individual therapy relationships can often provide opportunities for work that cannot be done in a group. Many of my individual therapy clients never enter a group. That’s OK. My approach to my work is to meet people where they are and offer them the best modality of therapy for them. Different modalities of treatment are different tools in the toolbox.

Through my graduate training and my involvement with two amazing professional organizations: Kentucky Psychological Association and the American Group Psychotherapy Association, I've developed an interest in consulting, training, and speaking. I've presented and consulted locally, regionally, and nationally on a number of topics including group psychotherapy, suicide prevention, and non-suicidal self-injury.

I have been in private practice in Louisville since 2004.  Prior to that, I practiced in the Southern Indiana communities of Madison and Jeffersonville. As Groupworks enters our 15th year, we are stronger than ever.  While I am committed to group therapy, I also enjoy individual and family therapy and psychological testing. My goal is to bring my knowledge of professional psychology to each and every person with whom I work. This field has so much to offer people in building healthy relationships and happy, satisfying lives!

When I’m not working, I enjoy cooking, reading, biking and practicing yoga. I’m a huge Star Wars fan and enjoy many genres of music. I must admit I’m a big 1980’s pop junkie. One of the greatest things about living in Louisville is the amazing food scene. Ask me about my favorite restaurants…beware, it could lead to a long discussion!

Awards and Honors:

  • Kentucky Psychological Association-Outstanding Service Award (2005)

  • American Group Psychotherapy Association-Fellowship (2013)

  • Spalding University School of Professional Psychology-Alumni of the Year Award (2018)