A New Website!

By Dr. Tony

I'm very proud to launch a brand new website for Groupworks! The new site comes at a time when the practice is moving in some very exciting directions. Most importantly, we've moved to a new office space in St. Matthews. The site features some images from our new home! I hope to communicate a few things about myself and the practice through this new site. 

First of all, I want this site to represent my dedication to my work. I designed this website myself, putting the same level of work and attention into it that I bring to my work with clients. I enjoy my work immensely and I want that to show in everything from my office to this website!

Secondly, I hope this site represents a future-oriented, forward looking approach. In my professional work, I want to be on the cutting edge of the field. I value approaches to problems that are novel, fresh, and "outside the box". In short, I want my website to reflect the work I do to help people find unique solutions to life's problems.

Finally, I want my site to be welcoming. One of my primary professional goals is to help all people find their place in the world. This often starts with a place where people feel welcomed and valued. I want my office and website to be those places. This site is the "welcome mat to my practice". Whether someone becomes a client  or simply learns from the site, I want them to feel welcomed and valued! I look forward to Bringing Psychology to Everyday Life through this site and the work I do each day.

Thanks for taking the time to visit my new site and read this blog post. Enjoy the site!

Dr. Tony