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Bringing Psychology to Everyday Life 

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Tony L. Sheppard, Psy.D., CGP, FAGPA

Founder & Director of Groupworks

I have been involved in the psychology community in Louisville since 1996  when I moved here to attend graduate school at Spalding University.  My interest in psychology began as an undergraduate student at Middle Tennessee State University. One of my professors at MTSU once said, "when you share something with another human being, it changes that thing forever". This introduced me to the power of psychology to impact the lives of people.


Jacquelyn Love, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

I fell in love with psychology at Hanover College when I completed an internship with a grief counseling center and was privileged to empower children and families in their unique grief journeys. As I pursued my Psy.D. in the Clinical Psychology program at the University of Indianapolis, I became excited about the potential that exists within the field due to it's ability to support and understand people in ways they can use for the rest of their lives. While my passion began in the niche of grief and loss, my interests have grown to include parenting/family work, mindfulness, health psychology, depression, anxiety, and life transitions.


Zachary J. Thieneman, Psy.D., CGP

Assistant Director of Groupworks

Psychology is fascinating to me. It always has been. I began working in the field of psychology 10 years ago when I applied for a job working with children who have autism and related developmental disabilities. Ever since, my passion for psychology, in particular psychotherapy, flourished. I studied at Bellarmine University before completing my doctorate at Spalding University because of my fondness for Louisville and its psychology-friendly community.


Brian Belva, Ph.D.

Licensed Psychologist

I became interested in psychology as an undergraduate at Georgetown College.  After graduation, I obtained by doctorate in clinical psychology at Louisiana State University.  My expertise is in conducting psychological assessment for children and adolescents to bring clarity to complex diagnostic situations.  I love living in Louisville and am excited to be a part of the staff at Groupworks!  


Kimberly Janiszewski, MA

Graduate Practicum Student, Spalding University

I am in my third year of Spalding University's doctoral program for Clinical Psychology studying children, adolescent, and family psychology as well as health psychology. I first became intrigued by psychology in high school and my interest grew as I observed people in my life struggle with their own mental health issues. During my undergraduate years studying Psychology at the University of Florida, I volunteered at the Crisis center as a phone counselor where I experienced how powerful the simple act of listening can be. I recently completed a year of training at Bellarmine University's Counseling Center working with young adults, but my passion is in working with younger children and adolescents. As such, I am thrilled to be working at Groupworks, and to be a part of the amazing work done here. 


Ashley McDuffee, MA

Graduate Practicum Student, Spalding University

I am fourth year doctoral student at Spalding University studying child, adolescent, and family psychology. Psychology has been a passion of mine for as long as I can remember, and I feel so lucky for the chance to make an impact in the lives of kids and families. I have a broad range of experience working in the child and adolescent wing of an inpatient psychiatric hospital, a rural school, even a state prison. While I am experienced with many difficulties children and adolescents face, trauma is both a research and clinical interest of mine. Trauma of any kind can affect kids and teens during critical times in their development. My goal is to help families through those tough experiences. I love working with kids and their families, and am so excited to be part of the phenomenal Groupworks team.


Josh Smith, Psy.D.

Licensed Psychologist

I became interested in studying psychology as an adolescent. I began formally studying cognitive behavior psychology at Utah State University in 2000. As I began working with individuals with developmental disabilities, I realized that this was an interest area that I wanted to pursue. I was able to complete my doctorate degree from Spalding University in 2012. I completed my dissertation on integrating individuals with autism into group therapy. I had the privilege of running a program for prison inmates with autism for the Kentucky Correctional System. Since that time, I have started my own private practice in New Albany, Indiana where I specialize in working with individuals with autism and other developmental disorders. I provide individual, family, and group therapy in that setting. Iā€™m very excited to provide group therapy at Groupworks to offer group therapy to individuals here in Kentucky.